Inclusion for Immigrant and Refugee Youth in 4-H for Practitioners

A webinar on inclusion as it relates to immigrant and refugee youth in 4-H. The webinar covers social, cultural, and emotional conditions that can affect program participation for immigrant and refugee youth; the impacts of these conditions on immigrant and refugee youth and their families; and promising practices for engaging immigrant and refugee youth. 

There Is No Normal

From happy to sad, anxious to relieved, frustrated to energized - our lives are filled with emotions. Emotions can help us respond to a crisis, motivate us to advocacy and action, or leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us what it means to live in a society under heightened stress and we are seeing the daily impact of this stress on the lives of children, youth, and families. In this webinar, join Dr.

Using the CYFAR Common Measures

A CYFAR webinar providing an overview of the CYFAR Common Measures required as part of CYFAR grants. The data collected is used by USDA–NIFA as one of many tools to fight for CYFAR dollars in congress. This webinar will briefly discusses the CYFAR Common Measures, but most time will be spent on best practices for implementation.  

Applied Performance Psychology in High-Stress Environments

As humans, everything we do begins with a thought, and the quality of that thought has a direct impact on the next thing we do. This presentation and discussion will introduce overarching concepts pertaining to performance psychology as applied in high stress situations. Specific self-awareness and self-regulation skills will be shared by the Penn State University Athletic Department's Performance Psychology Services Team.

Building a Better Fundraising and Resourcing Strategy

One of the goals of CYFAR grants is to be sustainable after 5-years of funding.  Understanding how to cultivate relationships while building partnerships is a key part of sustainability.  Relationships are also important before asking for time, space, volunteers, funding or other resources.  The Fundraising Academy's Cause Selling Education will significantly increase fundraising, including gaining other resources, through the idea of building relationships first