Evaluation Institute

Purpose of the CYFAR Evaluation Institute

The purpose of the CYFAR Evaluation Institute is to increase the capacity of CYFAR Sustainable Communities Projects (SCPs) to effectively evaluate their programs. Participants of the CYFAR Evaluation Institute will increase their understanding of program and CYFAR specific evaluation and identify new ways in which to improve the quality of their CYFAR program evaluation process.

The CYFAR Evaluation Institute is broken into three tracks:

Track 1 targets existing and new principal investigators and evaluators. This track covers a broad introduction to program evaluation, as well as how CYFAR program evaluation is conducted.

Track 2 targets site coordinators, evaluators, and program staff and focuses on creating and implementing CYFAR Common Measures surveys within CYFAR programs. In Track 2 participants also learn about entering and importing high quality data to the CYFAR database.

Track 3 targets site coordinators, principal investigators, and evaluators and demonstrates how to present data to program staff in order to engage them in program improvement, as well as how to align evaluation findings with stakeholder mission and needs.

More Information

Email cyfarpdta@umn.edu to get more information about enrolling your project in the CYFAR Evaluation Institute.