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The foundation of effective programming and service delivery is having the right staff on board.  Especially when it comes to youth programming, recruiting staff that are motivated and dedicated is critical to your program’s success.  Having the right staff is also key to building organizational capacity in areas of management, finance, and human resources. Many professionals take on a second or third career during retirement. These professionals have a wealth of experience that can be leveraged in building organizational success.

The National Collaboration for Youth suggests the following when recruiting staff:

  1. Provide Incentives: when staff recruit other staff, when staff return for seasonal work
  2. Use Technology: online job banks that target those interested in your type of programming
  3. Target College-Age Workers: partner with colleges and universities, attend career fairs
  4. Strive for Diversity: network in the community, work with career centers
  5. Engage Youth: provide youth opportunities to build professional skills, internships for youth



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