At Your Doorstep: Creating Family Connections Outdoors

Families who spend time outside together with their children in natural environments can increase their physical activity, connect family members with one another, and connect children with nature. This webinar focuses on a new toolkit, At Your Doorstep, developed by educators at North Carolina State University, aimed at increasing opportunities for parents and children to spend more time together outdoors.


Event Summary

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Karen provides an overview of trends in families and the outcome of spending an inordinate amount of time indoors instead of outdoors, how playing together and using the great outdoors as a stage for parent-child interactions can strengthen family relationships, and introduces resources to use with child care programs to be more intentional with outdoor learning.
  • Lucy identifies strategies for encouraging outdoor activity and environmental stewardship including establishing routines, modeling respect for nature, encouraging curiosity, using all your senses, and taking time to observe closely. In addition, she presents recommended components for a kit for enjoying nature with children and safety strategies for outdoor play.
  • Liz shares tangible ways to put ideas into practice: from simple strategies of stepping outside and sniffing peppermint or tuning your ears to hear a catbird meow to beginning to build small gardens or intentional spaces that engage youth in the world outside.
  • Questions and answers
Author(s), Presenter(s): 
DeBord, K., Bradley, L., and Driscoll, L.
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