Texting While Driving: It Can Wait

This webinar addresses the topic of teens and distracted driving, exploring ways to engage and empower youth to be peer educators on this critically important issue. Approximately 24% of all crashes (1.2 million) are estimated to be caused by cell phone use while driving (National Safety Council, 2012). Distracted driving was responsible for 18% of injury crashes in 2010. Teens and young adults are at a particularly high risk for distracted driving. A 2010 Pew Internet & American Life Project study reports that 26% of 16-17 year old teens have texted while driving. Cell phone use while driving is even higher among teens. Presenters from the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS), AT&T, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and a survivor of distracted driving will explore ways to engage and empower youth to be peer educators on this very important issue.

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Spavone, S., Brands, A., Craig, W., Warrell, N., and Reynolds, E.
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