Systems Change: Sounds Great, But How Do I Do It?

We have long been told to not band-aid problems but to seek to understand the “root cause” and seek lasting solutions through changing the “system.” This lofty idea is very appealing in theory but very difficult to put into practice. First and foremost, while we understand systems conceptually, we are often not clear on how they work and what they mean for us. This webinar will have defined systems change and talked about how systems thinking applies to programs. This webinar will then have explained how to become a systems thinker as we work in communities. Secondly, there is a new compilation of research on systems change in the literature. This workshop will interpret these findings and their applications for children, youth, and families programs, focusing on how to identify the key levers of change. We will conclude with a discussion of participants’ experiences with systems change methodology in practice and how CYFERnet can support this difficult and important work.

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Jakes, Susan
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