Space Party 3: Satellite Watch

More than a hundred satellites are orbiting Earth at any given time and can be seen with the naked eye. Several of them pass over you every night, wherever you are. Perhaps you’ve noticed one of these mysterious objects and wondered what it was. With the help of Heavens Above, you can take the "U" out of UFO. Because satellites move so quickly, the best way to spot them is to generate a predictions page for a particular evening and location. On the Heavens Above website, simply enter your ground location to receive orbital data on a wide range of satellites—the International Space Station, Genesis 1, and the Hubble Space Telescope included. Just follow the guidelines and go!

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In order to better understand the positions of spacecraft leaving the solar system; daily solar, lunar, and planet data; constellation charts; and more, visit the Help page under the “Miscellaneous” category. There, you’ll find a great primer on observing satellites via

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Trudy Dunham and Jay Staker
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