Positive Guidance and Discipline for After-School Programs

When is behavior part of normal child development and when is it a problem? How do after-school staff redirect the child who is misbehaving? What can after-school staff do to make a positive and engaging environment for children? Both child and adult behaviors figure into the equation of a positive after-school program. Positive Guidance and Discipline for After-School Programs will look at behaviors and feeling, developmental domains, reasons for misbehaving, setting up a constructive environment, and using positive guidance and discipline techniques. Through activities, polling, and discussion, the training will address the after-school physical environment, relations between children and staff, connecting with family and teachers, and staff acceptance. Extension faculty and staff who work with children in after-school settings are encouraged to participate. This training is sponsored by the CYFERnet School Age Editorial Board.

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Discipline Techniques Cards
Positive Guidance and Discipline for After-school Programs slides 
Preventing Misbehavior Strategies
Discipline Techniques Chart Scenarios


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Manglallan, S. and Toomey, M.
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