The Missing Link - helping young people get smart about their love lives

Do the young people you work with have love lives? Do those love lives ever cause them (or you) problems or concerns? Learn about Relationship Smarts PLUS, an easily implemented, research-based, evaluated program that helps young people get smart about their love lives. Young people today live and breathe in a culture that touts casual sex and casual connections. Relationship Smarts PLUS helps young people acquire practical skills for emotionally healthy and ethically sound relationships. The webinar taught teens to craft a roadmap toward what they hope to achieve, not just what they must avoid. Relationship Smarts PLUS is based on the results of a 5-year federally funded evaluation by Jennifer Kerpelman, Ph.D. at Auburn University. It covers topics such as maturity, identifying values, peer pressure, attractions and infatuation, building blocks for positive relationships, assessing relationship health, a low-risk relationship strategy, principles of smart relationships, the nature of true intimacy, a realistic concept of love, and breaking up. The program also includes dating violence prevention and assertiveness skills, communication/conflict skills, identity and future orientation, and a unique approach to pregnancy prevention that educates about the needs of children.

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Kerpelman, J., Futris, T., and Reed, K.
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