Living a More Balanced Life

Want to learn about a program that teaches individuals how to balance time, manage stress, eat mindfully, be physically active, and sleep well in order to live a more balanced life? Then this webinar is for you! This training equips participants with the information they need to adapt and deliver the Balanced Living curriculum in conjunction with existing parent education and family strengthening programs.

Balanced Living was written by Laura Sant and Marnie Spencer, two extension educators from the University of Idaho with many years of experience teaching adult audiences. During this 90-minute webinar, the authors will provide an overview of the curriculum and how it can be conducted. Joining them in the presentation is Barbara Petty, also of University of Idaho Extension.

Five units cover the skills for balanced living in five key areas: time management, stress management, mindful eating, physical activity, and sleep. The curriculum can be taught as stand-alone, one-hour classes or as a five-part series. Balanced Living comes with tools for advertising the series, presenting the five units, and evaluating outcomes.

Author(s), Presenter(s): 
Sant, L. and Spencer, M.
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