Hot Topic: Community Coaching for Guiding Sustainable Community Change

Need to jump start community change? Have you considered Community Coaching? Sports coaches work to keep groups focused on a goal: winning a game. Life coaches help focus individuals on a goal. Community Coaches partner with communities to focus and achieve goals! With the goal of putting information at the fingertips of professionals working to strengthen and build sustainable community change efforts, these and many more resources are available on CYFERnet. Need more information? Search the CYFERnet database and check out over 150 resources related to community coaching.

Holistic Community Coaching for Planning, Action, and Evaluation

Learn to bring Community Coaching into all elements of community planning! This online workshop focuses on the role of community coaches to guide results, reflection, and reach among community groups who demonstrate readiness for and relationships to support sustainable community change.

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Holistic Community Coaching for Planning, Action, and Evaluation

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