Healthy Body Image: A Lesson Plan for High School Students

The materials in this four-activity unit on healthy body image are intended for use with high school participants.

For more information, download the three companion pieces to this publication:
CFS-738-W, Healthy Body Image: Healthy Exercises for Every Body
This 17-page publication explains and illustrates various cardiorespiratory, flexibility, and resistance exercises. It also discusses who should get a doctor’s advice before beginning an exercise program, lists exercises to avoid, and outlines recommended lifting techniques.

CFS-735-W, Healthy Body Image: Being an Advocate for Your Child or Grandchild
This 15-page publication contains four main sections: 1) understanding weight-related concerns; 2) role modeling a healthy body image; 3) providing a healthy environment; and 4) recognizing signs of a possible eating disorder.

CFS-736-W, Healthy Body Image: A Lesson Plan for Middle School Students
This 17-page publication provides background information, a lesson plan outline, plus four activities and handouts to teach groups of young teenagers that society often places an unhealthy emphasis on an idealized body image. It teaches that eating nutritious foods and being physically active are the keys to good health.

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Steven P. McKenzie, M.Ed., Purdue Extension
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