Grow Your Impact with Community Gardens

Community Gardens are a underutilized resource for Extension educational programming. While many communities have community gardens, Extension's involvement varies. Many times, schools, nursing facilities, hospitals or private landowners develop the gardens with no input from Extension. When Extension is involved it is most commonly only one agent or content area in the county that participates. Using Extension's wide content expertise, community gardens create ideal educational opportunities for practically all of the content areas of Extension: Nutrition, physical activity, youth development, entrepreneurism, horticulture, family resource management, community development, agriculture education, senior friendly communities, etc. A garden can be a powerful community hub for Extension education activities. Since community garden's will be at various stages of development, presentation and materials will be applicable for many stages, from planning, to partnership formation, to land and funding acquisition, to full fledge gardens, to redevelopment after land or leadership loss. Participants will increase their knowledge of gardening's benefit to children, youth, families and communities; increase their knowledge of a community garden's ability to integrate expertise of Extension; and gain access to online community gardening technical assistance materials

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Jakes, S. S., Baldwin, K. R., and Bradley, L.
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