Digital Media Show-and-Tell

From 4-H clubs to summer camps to athletic teams, every youth program has something that makes it special. While one group is painting a mural or designing a fair exhibit, another group is planting trees or building a Web site. Some youth keep returning to their program to see their friends, to learn new skills, to explore nature, or all of the above. What about YOU?

Use CYFERnet’s Digital Media Show-and-Tell resources to let the world know what makes your CYFAR and 4-H program special. Your mission is to use digital photography, audio, video, or a mix of digital media to answer the question Why am I here? In other words, what do you enjoy most about your program, and what benefits keep you coming back for more?

Ready to get on with the show (and tell)? We have provided some sample contest rules and resources to get you started. Work independently or as a team to show off your art, communication, and technology skills while telling your story. Remember to communicate clearly, to express your creative side, and most importantly, to have fun!


References & Resources: 

Digital Media Show-and-Tell Resourcess

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Tools & Tips (pdf)
  • AUDIO Tools & Tips (pdf)
  • VIDEO Tools & Tips (pdf)
  • MIXED MEDIA Tools & Tips (pdf)
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Trudy Dunham and Jay Staker
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