CYFAR Core Competency Tools

This section of CYFERnet provides a set of tools and resources designed to assist CYFAR front-line staff in identifying training needs and putting together a professional development plan. Tools are provided to assist staff and their supervisors develop a "training needs" plan and monitor progress toward completion of that plan.

A set of skills has been identified for each of the CYFAR Core Competencies. Professional development resources have been identified for each of these skill areas. The Core Competencies are

  • Personal Readiness
  • Engagement with the Community
  • Program Design
  • Program Implementation
  • Program Evaluation

The Core Competency tool box contains resources to support capacity building. This set of tools includes a summary of the competencies and priority skills, a self-assessment for gauging training needs, and a tool for tracking training completion.

Step 1: Complete the CYFAR Core Competency Planning and Self-Assessment Tool (file below) to identify your training needs. (This tool is not available during the CYFERnet website redesign.)

Step 2: Print out the results of your self-assessment.

Step 3: Work with your supervisor and use the CYFAR Core Competencies: Professional Development Planning and Self-Assessment Record of Completion (file below) to develop your professional development plan.

Step 4: Use the suggested resources provided for each of the CYFAR Core Competencies to support your professional development plans.

You may create a CYFAR Core Competencies Training certificate of completion (file below) to document your participation.

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