From Collaboration to Collective Impact: Aligning Impact among Multiple Organizations

The word collaboration is often used to describe change efforts driven by a cooperating group of stakeholders. However, this collaborative work often fails to achieve the synergistic power that is possible. In the collective impact approach, organizations combine strengths, resources, and agendas to achieve an overall goal, moving organizations past the survival and isolation mentality of chasing funding streams to a more mission driven approach. Each organization can stay true to its mission, embracing its piece of the community-building puzzle, supplementing and complementing the work of other organizations, working in synergy with others toward sustainable solutions.

In this webinar, Susan Jakes explored the complexity and the key elements of success in bringing together multiple organizations to work together to form effective community-focused collaborative arrangements to achieve collective impacts that none could achieve alone. Issues discussed include survival, isolation, and mission drift as well as how duplication is currently viewed and how multiple entities can use points of overlap to form collaborative, synergistic, supplemental relationships.

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Jakes, S. S.
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