Building Strong Marriages: A Tale of Two Extension Programs

Learn about two exciting Extension marriage education programs and the new National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model. The National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model is a research-based, theoretically grounded, and best-practice informed tool to help educators design, deliver, and evaluate programs that support healthy couple and marital relationships. This strength-based model presents key patterns of thinking and behaviors associated with healthy, stable couple relationships and marriages that can be taught in an educational setting. Married and Loving It! is a marriage education program that has been taught through Extension since 2000. An overview of the program, testimonials from participants, results from research studies, and curriculum components will be presented. This curriculum has been distributed to over 40 states and five foreign countries. The Marriage Garden is an exciting new Extension curriculum that is extraordinary in its availability (downloadable lesson guides are available on the web), flexibility (appropriate for self-study, mentoring, or group discussion), and positivity (drawing on discoveries in positive psychology).

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Futris, T., Petty, B., and Goddard, W.
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