Building Strong Marriages: Resources for and Lessons Learned from Working with Stepfamilies

This webinar is on what it takes to establish relationship and marriage enrichment as well as parenting education programs that adequately meet the unique needs of stepfamilies. The continued prevalence of divorce accompanied by a high remarriage rate has resulted in an increasing number of stepfamilies. It is estimated that half of all marriages are higher-order marriages, and approximately 65% of these remarriages include children from previous relationships. These trends are compounded by the growing number of nonmarital births and cohabiting unions that lead to and form stepfamilies as well. A large proportion of low-income nonmarried couples are dealing with co-parenting and step-parenting relationships. It is estimated that one in three children will spend time in a stepfamily-like household. The research is clear that stepfamilies experience unique family developmental patterns and face unique issues that are related to healthy marital and family functioning. This 90 minute session presents the latest research-based program resources and teaching strategies.

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Adler-Baeder, F., Higginbotham, B., and Futris, T.
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