Georgia: Growing Real Opportunities For Work and Life in Agriculture (GROWL)

Brief Site Description: 
Project GROWL (Growing Real Opportunities for Work and Life in Agriculture) supports teen decision-making and empowerment at all levels of the program and actively encourages youth-adult partnerships as a key component of the learning process. Teens will meet once a week during the school year, after school. During the summer, teens will be involved in skill building camps and conferences/service retreats to develop new skills as well as prepare for the next year's focus. Youth from military families, single parent home, reduced/free lunch, divorced parents, grandparents raising, or any government assistance in home are recruited. The project will allow youth to acquire work-based life skills to equip them for a knowledge-based and creative economy to expose youth to an accurate, deeper understanding of food, fiber, agricultural and natural resource systems affecting urban communities. The opportunities within Project GROWL will also allow youth to leverage their knowledge, skills and abilities to influence other individuals, groups, and organizations. The youth of Project GROWL will become influencers within their communities.