New Jersey: Science Pathways

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The Science Pathways Program is a high context leadership development program to be implemented in the cities of Paterson and Trenton that is centered on the operation of a Makerspace and Makerspace activities. In this way Makerspace is a conduit for personal development and science literacy. Makerspace is an emerging delivery mode for the implementation of science, engineering and technology activities. Makerspace activities embrace the spirit of innovation and encourage collaborative thinking between individuals and groups. In addition, the term Makerspace is used to define the location in which Makerspace activities take place. As a location, a Makerspace is outfitted with tools and materials for students to tinker, invent, experiment, and free think their way through a challenge. In Science Pathways, program participants begin as high school freshman and continue throughout their high school careers. Teens will receive increased exposure to leadership opportunities and high level science skills each year. Participants will engage with the following program components throughout the four years of participation: a strong relationship with a caring adult that can serve as a mentor (belonging); engaging in experiential science activities using current technologies through Makerspace activities (mastery); implementing Makerspace activities with school aged youth in the community (generosity); and learning to plan for a successful post high school transition to adulthood (independence).
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