North Carolina and Oklahoma: Together for a Better Education (JUNTOS Para Una Mejor Educación)

Brief Site Description: 
This joint proposal addresses school dropout in North Carolina and Oklahoma by implementing the Together for a Better Education (called JUNTOS Para Una Mejor Educación in Spanish) program. The JUNTOS program provides intensive long-term support for Latino youth via five major components: 1) A needs and assets assessment and a personal plan created by a Success Coach to provide one-on-one academic coaching; 2) The 6-week JUNTOS Family Workshop Series; 3) A 4-H Club focusing on videography and life skills; 4) A synchronous Online College Preparation Course; and 5) The JUNTOS Summer Academy experience. A rigorous repeated measure program evaluation will also be carried out.
About multiple sites: 
This program is in Wake and Wayne counties in North Carolina, and in Stillwater, Oklahoma.