Colorado: Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI)

Brief Site Description: 
The Colorado Family Leadership Training Institute (CO-FLTI) continues to strengthen the Colorado State University Extension (CSUE) system by providing staff development and program delivery in two high need communities to improve outcomes for youth and families. North Fort Collins and Central Denver, both in CSUE’s Front Range Region, represent Colorado neighborhoods dealing with rising poverty rates contributing to school disengagement and low achievement for youth. Resources to these communities will support collaboration through the Denver County and Larimer County CSUE offices to implement, deliver, evaluate, and refine ongoing programming. The central strategies of CO-FLTI are 1) provide leadership/civics training for parents, family members, and community leaders, 2) deliver a complementary youth training including DTBY skill building, 3) provide continued leadership opportunities for alumni, and 4) build a network of partners ready to engage families and youth. CO-FLTI participants increase their engagement in civic leadership, community development, and policy processes. Participants will become change agents working to improve health and education outcomes for youth and families. In the process, parents, family members, and mentors demonstrate an understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the care and education of their youth partners. Youth will show improved skills in relation to school success and community engagement. The ultimate outcome is a strengthened community through the civic engagement of adults and youth of diverse backgrounds.