Partnering for School Success team honored with award for Diversity and Inclusion

Partnering for School Success
Kathleen Olson
CYFAR program team honored with Distinguished Service for Diversity and Inclusion award
Diversity and Inclusion Partnering for School Success Team Congratulations to our Partnering for School Success CYFAR team! The team was honored and awarded the Distinguished Service winners for Diversity and Inclusion by University of Minnesota Extension Dean and Director Bev Durgan this week at the Extension Program Conference in Duluth. This program is implemented by Extension in partnership with Faribault Middle Schools and Triton Public Schools, serving Dodge Center, West Concord and Claremont. The culturally and linguistically relevant model built by this team helps create system changes in schools, families and the Latino Community. The team is dedicated to creating environments that are resilient, healthy and secure for immigrant families as they overcome obstacles and support their children in graduating from high school and seeking higher education. Partnering for Success Team Extension—Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Antonio Alba Meraz, Emily Becher, Patrick Jirik, Jeanne Laqua, Mary Marczak, Kathleen Olson, Patricia Olson, Karen Shirer and Maria Villarraga Triton Public Schools—Gabriela Burk, Luke Lutterman, Nancy Stucky Faribault Middle Schools—Kelly McDermott, Michael Meihak, Zulema Nieves, Heidi Oanes, Todd Sesker