National Extension Parent Education Model

The National Extension Parent Education Model was published in 1994 through the efforts of Ron Daly, the National Program Leader for Human Development in the Washington DC office of the Cooperative Extension Service. The authors of the report were Dot Cudaback (California), H. Wallace Goddard (Alabama), Judy Myers-Walls (Indiana), and Charles A. Smith (Kansas). Although these state specialists were responsible for writing the report, the ideas evolved through a process of revision involving all state specialists in human development and county extension agents with an interest in parenting. This evolution is described in the original document that you can download below.

Feedback Topic: 
a1: Impact of my background and experience
a2: Working with human differences
a3: How environment influences development
a4: How internal factors influence development
a5: Access to community resources and services
a6: Finding professional development opportunities
a7: Professionalism and ethics
a8: Understanding typical and atypical growth
c1: Developing resource materials and curricula
c2: Incorporating experiential learning
c3: Establishing safe environments
c4: Building confidence and self-efficacy
c5: Providing structure and boundaries
c6: Planning for sustainability