National Extension Parenting Educators' Framework

The National Extension Parenting Educators' Framework (NEPEF) builds upon the earlier effort, the National Extension Parenting Education Model (NEPEM) (Smith et al., 1994). The NEPEM model established six categories of priority practices and skills to be learned by parents and taught by parenting educators. NEPEF takes the original NEPEM categories "care for self, understand, guide, nurture, motivate, and advocate" and joins them with six more categories of practices aimed at the parenting educators alone "grow, develop, frame, embrace, build, and educate". Used in tandem, the six "content" categories (for parents) and the six "process" categories (for educators) will allow parenting educators to work most effectively with parents and children.

Feedback Topic: 
a1: Impact of my background and experience
a2: Working with human differences
a3: How environment influences development
a4: How internal factors influence development
a5: Access to community resources and services
a6: Finding professional development opportunities
a7: Professionalism and ethics
a8: Understanding typical and atypical growth
a9: Understanding predictors of risk behaviors among children and youth
b1: Assessing community assets
b2: Building collaborative relationships
c1: Developing resource materials and curricula
d1: Building supportive relationships
d5: Learning about community resources
e2: Characteristics of a high quality program