Kentucky: U Connect

Brief Site Description: 
KY State University (in partnership with Univ. of MN and TN State University) have developed "U Connect", a multi-state program aimed at addressing educational disparities for children and youth at risk. The program will be conducted in two counties in Kentucky. The first component of U Connect is small-group mentoring aimed at engaging young people who are showing early warning signs of disengagement from school and learning. The afterschool program, the second component, is designed to enhance and support the core elements of Check & Connect. The third component of the U Connect program is the enhancement of parental involvement using the Partnering for School Success (PSS) program developed by the University of Minnesota. This component is based on an ecological framework that recognizes the importance of adult influence on student success.
About multiple sites: 
Two counties will be targeted for this site. At this point, two sites have been identified but will be finalized within the year.