What Is a Logic Model?

Assessing the Need

Though developing and implementing a program evaluation can seem intimidating, a quality evaluation can produce multiple benefits for your organization. Fortunately, this website will assist you through the evaluation planning process.

The first step in any evaluation is to determine your primary reason for conducting one. Next, identify the end users of the evaluation results.

Why do you need an evaluation?

  • Assess program performance
  • Verify your program is accomplishing targeted goals
  • Improve service quality and program effectiveness
  • Provide accountability to funders, managers, or administrators
  • Provide evidence suitable for public relations and promoting your services in the community



Who will use the evaluation findings?

  • Program staff
  • Managers and directors
  • Funders
  • Program participants
  • Other service providers in the community


For a printable version of these checklists, please click here.

Understanding the purposes for conducting an evaluation can help you decide what type of data you need to collect, and ultimately, what kind of evaluation to conduct. The next section introduces different types of evaluations.


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