Get the most out of by creating your own user account.  It only takes a minute and will give you access to more resources in the BUILD section of this site, such as the interactive Survey and Logic Model Builders . The Logic Model Builder walks you through the steps of building a logic model, from Needs and Assets all the way to Desired Results. This interactive builder takes the guess-work out of designing a logic model. Once you have built your logic model, try out our Survey Builder which enables you to select different vetted measures, organize them into a survey specific for your program, and download a file of your survey. You can access to your documents anytime once saved to your account!


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  • Use the Logic Model Builder to create, save, and edit your progam logic model
  • Use the Survey Builder to create, save, and edit your program survey(s)

This section offers interactive, on-line evaluation tools designed to help you plan and implement an effective program evaluation.

 Resource  What It Offers
 Logic Model Builder On-line, interactive tool which is designed to take users through each step of building a CYFAR SCP Logic Model, including Needs & Assets, Results, Indicators, Activities, Resources, as well as the Data Collection Plan.
 Survey Builder  On-line interactive tool which is designed to enable users to select from CYFAR Common Measures, build a survey for their target audience, and manage the survey in their account.