Participatory Evaluation

Participatory Evaluation

The AEA Guiding Principles recommend that evaluations include the opinions, perspectives, and active involvement of stakeholders from the beginning and throughout the evaluation process. There is a specific type of evaluation called Participatory Evaluation that is a framework based on the active participation and partnership of stakeholders.


Participatory Evaluation is a guiding approach to evaluation that ensures the active involvement of stakeholders throughout the process. It engages the evaluators and stakeholders (such as program participants or the community at large) in the decision-making process when creating an evaluation and using results.

Participatory Evaluation goes beyond simply gathering data from participants.


  • Active stakeholder participation—identifying relevant data, methodologies, and uses
  • Increased ownership and investment
  • The link between evaluation use and the stakeholder perspective
  • Increased stakeholder skills
  • A community or organizational culture dedicated to learning and improvement


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