Kentucky: Youth Engagement and Support (YES)

Brief Site Description: 
The purpose of this grant is to provide life skills programs for homeless and unstably housed youth in Jefferson County, Kentucky. The primary goal is for target youth to increase the number of critical life skills they possess to become more self-sufficient. Primary program content includes life skills development, particularly in communication/conflict resolution, decision making/ goal setting, stress/anger management, self-responsibility/boundaries, teamwork, personal safety, healthy lifestyles and workforce preparation. The target audience is homeless and unstably housed youth (ages 12-22) participating in the Jefferson County YMCA SPS Shelter House or Matt Kubancik Youth Development Center. Short term objectives include youth having an increased awareness and understanding of critical life skills; increased aspirations to become self-sufficient; increased community awareness about homeless youth. Long term objectives include youth increasing their application of critical life skills; youth showing evidence of self-sufficiency; and an increased number of community collaborations working with target youth. Data will be collected using a multi-methods approach. The program model is the YMCA Safe Place Services (SPS) Program Model. This model employs a multidisciplinary Positive Youth Development approach that views youth in the context of family and community and conducts evidence-based programming based on the needs of participating youth. The national CYFAR outcome addressed is Youth. The primary curriculum to be used in each community site is "Tackling the Tough Skills."