This NEPEF module addresses EDUCATE. EDUCATE is the process of building relationships with participants to help them more effectively solve problems, resolve conflicts, set goals, and gain knowledge and skills to guide and nurture their child(ren). EDUCATE involves knowing and using a variety of effective teaching strategies, skills, techniques, and methods. It includes adapting these teaching tools to meet specific learner needs.

Feedback Topic: 
a1: Impact of my background and experience
a2: Working with human differences
a3: How environment influences development
a4: How internal factors influence development
c1: Developing resource materials and curricula
d1: Building supportive relationships
d2: Incorporating child and youth development
d3: Promoting effective communication
d4: Using new technologies
d5: Learning about community resources
d6: Advocating for individuals and families
d7: Managing the day-to-day program operation