Now that we have reviewed some specifics about managing a program in the context of a broader organization, we turn to the larger picture of leadership. Organizations are moving into a new era, and leaders need to be prepared to move forward so their organizations can build continued success.

Even with the best plan or vision, the success of an organization or a program hinges on good leadership. What does leadership mean to you? Can you think of a leader you admire? What qualities does that person possess?

What Is Leadership?

Leadership can be defined in many ways, and leaders can be those who

  • Are at the center of a group or a group process and represent the dynamic/direction of the group
  • Possess a set of personality traits that help them assist or guide others in accomplishing goals
  • Act to bring about change in a group
  • Are defined by their location in a power relationship with others
  • Possess learned skills and abilities used to effectively guide others


Defining Leadership

A Process

An event between two people where both individuals’ actions and behavior affect the other

Involves Influence

The leader produces an effect in followers via influence; without influence, a leader does not exist

Occurs in a Group

Leaders influence a group of people organized around a common goal or task

Involves Goal Attainment

Leaders direct individuals and groups toward their goals