CYFAR Approved Common Measures

History of the CYFAR Common Measures Adoption Process

The Common Measures Adoption Project is an effort that was spearheaded by the CYFERnet Evaluation Team at the University of Arizona and Virginia Tech in order to support CYFAR SCP grantees with their program evaluation efforts. This process included the systematic identification, review, and vetting of approximately 300 evaluation instruments in order to arrive at approved common measures for adoption by CYFAR grantees in seven short-term outcome areas: Leadership, Nutrition, Parenting, Physical Activity, Science, Technology, and Workforce Preparation. In addition, scales were identified to assess Core Competencies across all CYFAR programs.

CYFAR grantees will be required to collect the following information:

CYFAR data collection is a pre/post design with data collected at the beginning and the end of the program throughout the year (except for the demographic data, which will only be collected at the time of the pre-test).

  • Demographics (Youth and Adults)
  • Participation Level (Youth and Adults)
  • Program Quality (Middle and High School, optional for Grades 3-5 and Adults)
  • Core Competencies (Middle and High School, optional for Grades 3-5)
  • At least one common measure that relates to the identified short-term outcomes

Please note that short-term outcome Common Measures are available for children as young as third grade. At this time, no short-term outcome Common Measures for youth Kindergarten through Grade 2 are required. Self-report measures are not readily available for this age group nor are they recommended. If you are serving K-2 youth, please collect demographic and participant level data.

Depending on the combination of measures you select, your custom survey for Middle/High School youth may range in length from 86 to 106 items and from 21 to 77 items for Grades 3-5. These measures were selected during a rigorous identification and review process because they are appropriate for CYFAR target populations, address outcomes important to CYFAR programs, and address the need to assess system-wide impact with validated tools.

In the table below you will find a list of the approved and required Common Measures for use by CYFAR grantees. The left column of the table includes the name of the measure and a link to a printable PDF version of the instrument can be seen by clicking on the name of the Common Measure. The right column provides an overview of the measures and a link to additional information pertaining to the psychometric properties.