Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Cell phones can also be used as portable, real-time data collection tools. Text messaging is a way to capture information from a large group at once. Each participant would need to have a cell phone and familiarity with texting. To store/collate data, the use of a message relay system or interface technology (software program, for example) is also needed. Formatting of responses needs to be very specific to be received by interface or relay service. The cell phone receiving messages may need to be linked to a computer or a Web-based interface designed to capture and store all messages sent to a specific cell phone.




  • Capturing data in real time from many users
  • Popularity of texting may mean increased level of comfort with this method
  • No need to purchase costly technology for initial data collection


  • Requires advanced technological proficiency of the administrator
  • All users must possess cell phone and texting capabilities
  • Currently, message relay systems are not equipped to receive high number of text responses at once
  • Loss of data or technological difficulties with interface may occur


Follow this link for a PDF of resources specific to Text Messaging: Text Messaging


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