Guidelines for Adding Resources

You have been granted the role of "curator" for the migration (import) of selected content & files now displayed at You may want to open that site page in a separate browser window to facilitate a dual view for comparison of the "source" and this "destination" site.

Please note that some day in the future (date not exactly determined yet), the contents of this " site will be placed at, and will replace the the current content at domain "" If possible, do not include resource content links to the later as that site in its current form will cease to be valid after the transfer date.

Before posting new content, check all URL links to make sure they are still valid and working, pointing to valid, appropriate quality sources.

We have tried to make the task of adding/moving content as simple as possible.  You may 'cut & paste', type, 'upload file,' etc.   You will need to know how to create a simple graphic file that will serve as a "thumbnail" and primary illustration for each content title.

How to capture a screen image on any device/computer.

Each CYFERnet Resource may include a single image or photo chosen to illustrate or compliment the resource title/description. The submitted image will be automatically resized into 4 file sizes for use as thumbnail, small-large, depending on the context of the resource display. (If an image is not attached to the resource, the default "CYFERnet resource" icon (above) will be attached). 1. The chosen image should be rectangular (dimensions range: 1x1 - 4x3) 2. Image file size is not critical. The website system will automatically resize the image for you. 3. Image chosen should look appealing/appropriate in different sizes.

What is less simple is knowing which content is best to move over from the site...