Evaluation Designs - Posttest Only

Common Evaluation Designs

Posttest Only Design

A posttest only design is simple and straightforward. This type of design can be done with one group (no comparison group) or two groups (with a comparison group) of participants.  Participants receive an intervention and are tested afterwards.


One-Group Posttest Only Design in Practice

A company wants to know whether its employees benefited from a recent employee training conference (listed below as “intervention”). Following the implementation of the training conference, employees were given a short survey (posttest) to assess their satisfaction with the conference. The surveys were used to provide feedback and make changes to next year’s conference.

One group posttest only design


Two Group Posttest Only Design in Practice

A posttest is administered to two groups to look at the relationship of abstinence education and positive youth development. One group (comparison group) does not participate in an after school abstinence program. Another group, (program participants), participates in the abstinence education program. Both groups receive a survey that measures positive youth development (posttest). The scores on the posttest are compared to see if the abstinence education program had an impact on positive youth development for those attending the program.


two group posttest only design


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