Developing Outcomes

What are outcomes? 

Outcomes are the backbone of any Logic Model.  Outcomes are focused on the constructive impacts on people or environments.  Outcomes are often differentiated in terms of short term and long term outcomes.



Quick facts about Logic Model outcomes:

  • Outcomes are the results of the activities and outputs of an organization or program
  • Outcomes often describe an effect on an individual’s knowledge or attitude or an effect on social or environmental conditions
  • Most programs evaluate outcomes by tracking their short and long term goals



Short Term Outcomes

Long Term Outcomes

  • Include changes in skills, knowledge, attitude or behaviors
  • Are outcomes that directly impact and affect the targeted audience or individuals
  • Act as catalysts for long term outcomes
  • Include changes in conditions, such as civic conditions, financial conditions, economic conditions, or social conditions
  • Are outcomes that are produced due to short term results
  • Can be affected by a variety of external factors


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