CYFAR Core Competencies and Training Resources

This section provides a set of tools and resources designed to help you, as a CYFAR front-line staff in identifying your training needs, and putting together your professional development plan to address those needs. Tools are provided to assist you, and your supervisor, develop a “training needs” plan and monitor progress toward completion of that plan. It is recommended that you complete the self-assessment and professional development plan on an annual basis.

A set of skills has been identified for each of the CYFAR core competencies. Professional development resources have been identified for each of these skill areas:

Click each box to learn more about skill areas.

In addition to exploring the competencies above, we have provided a self-assessment for gauging training needs and a tools for tracking training completion. Use the menu box on the left to complete your core competency training in four simple steps.

Step One: Complete the CYFAR Core Competency Self-Assessment Tool to identify your training needs.
Step Two: Print the results of your self-assessment for your records.
Step Three: Work with your supervisor and use the Professional Development Planning and Training Record to develop your professional development plan.
Step Four: Use the suggested resources provided for each of the CYFAR Core Competencies to support your professional development plan.