CYFAR Core Competencies and Training Resources

This section provides a set of tools and resources designed to help you, as a CYFAR front-line staff in identifying your training needs, and putting together your professional development plan to address those needs. Tools are provided to assist you, and your supervisor, develop a “training needs” plan and monitor progress toward completion of that plan. It is recommended that you complete the self-assessment and professional development plan on an annual basis.

A set of skills has been identified for each of the CYFAR core competencies. Professional development resources have been identified for each of these skill areas:

Click each box to learn more about skill areas.

In addition to exploring the competencies above, we have provided a self-assessment for gauging training needs and a tools for tracking training completion. Use the menu box on the left to complete your core competency training in four simple steps.

Step One Complete the CYFAR Core Competency Self-Assessment Tool to identify your training needs.
Step Two Print the results of your self-assessment for your records.
Step Three Work with your supervisor and use the Professional Development Planning and Training Record to develop your professional development plan.
Step Four Use the suggested resources provided for each of the CYFAR Core Competencies to support your professional development plan.