Creating a Presentation Plan

One of the first parts of program evaluation involves identifying the target community. Review the evaluation planning process in Module 1 - Preparing for Program Evaluation. Creating a presentation plan will help with the identification of a program or evaluation’s intended audience (including stakeholders), organization of reports, and development of timelines for presentations. The target population of an evaluation may be very broad. Tailoring the way results are communicated to the needs of a specific audience may increase the impact of its message.

An example like the one below can help with the creation of a targeted presentation plan that is effective for the intended audience.

Name of individual or group to hear information

What is their relationship to the program?

Primary areas of concern

Key dates in decision-making process

Personal characteristics and preferences

Required reports(date and type)

Other reports

County Commissioners



March-May budget decisions made

Limited on time, want to hear impacts

Budget request due May 15

Quarterly reports due in January, April, July, and October

Developed by Lynne Borden, Ph.D. & Karen DeBord, Ph.D.

After a plan for the reports is developed, the next step is to determine the format of the report or presentation.