Evaluation Modules

We have several courses to help you make your CYFAR program the best it can be. They are most effective when taken in order.


Mod 1: Preparing for Program Evaluation

This module reviews the common reasons for conducting program evaluations in order to help you select the right evaluation for your program.

Mod 2: Planning for Program Evaluation

This module provides information on developing logic models and conducting a needs assessment.

Mod 3: Ethical Considerations in Program Evaluation

This module will help you decide how to gather the information needed to evaluate your program.

Mod 4: Evaluation Design and Implementation

This module details the process for research with human subjects, important ethical considerations when conducting an evaluation, and the policies and procedures that guide evaluation.

Mod 5: Data Analysis

This module reviews basic concepts related to data analysis and will help you get comfortable with some of the terms, concepts, and analysis procedures so you can interpret your own data and become a more informed consumer of evaluation research.

Mod 6: Communicating Evaluation Results

This module discusses how to review data and communicate results to stakeholders. The module covers reporting, graphing, and presenting on data.

Mod 7: Program Management and Leadership

This module covers the basics of program management and effective leadership, including opportunities to reflect on how to strengthen management and leadership styles.