Will the University of Arizona’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) provide overall Human Subjects approval for all participating CYFAR SCP grantees to collect Common Measures data?

No, the University of Arizona’s IRB will not provide overall Human Subjects approval for the Common Measures data collection process.  

According to the University of Arizona’s IRB, and in compliance with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), the CYFAR Common Measures data collection process does not constitute human subjects research because:

  • CYFAR Common Measures data will be collected as part of routine program evaluation and is not part of a specific intervention (program or activity) proposed by the University of Arizona;
  • CYFAR Common Measures data will be de-indentified (stripped of personal information and coded with a unique identifier provided by the site) when it is submitted by CYFAR SCP grantees to the University of Arizona; therefore, the University of Arizona will not be able to trace data back to specific individuals and will not be able to identify individual persons based on their data