Civic Engagement

This section includes several instruments and scales that assess various aspects of Civic Responsibility and Civic Engagement. Areas addressed include: connection to community, civic awareness, civic efficacy, perceptions of available activities in the community, perceptions of how much members of a community cooperate and assist one another, helping others in need, sense of responsibility or ownership for the greater good, establishment of democratic processes within the school system, and altruistic behaviors.

Instrument Description
Active and Engaged Citizenship

This 26-item scale is an integrated measure of civic engagement that assesses emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components.

Competence for Civic Action
(Ages 12-18)

This 9-item scale measures efficacy for civic engagement.

Concern for Others
(Grades 3-8)

This 5-item student survey assesses helping others in need. Observational scales are also included for triangulation with self-reports and are developed for three grade levels: K/1, 2/3, and 4/5.