Evaluation Institute Registration

Welcome to the Evaluation Institute

The CYFAR PDTA welcomes you to the Evaluation Institute. The Evaluation Institute has three separate tracks that consist of two modules each. They are designed to compliment the experience you bring to your CYFAR projects. Depending upon one’s role in CYFAR, individuals can sign-up for one or all tracks.

Why this Evaluation Institute?

Currently the CYFAR evaluation of programs is not being done on a high quality consistent basis. The main idea behind the evaluation institute is to foster an overall culture of evaluation within and across CYFAR programs.

Main Goals of the Evaluation Institute

The main purpose of the CYFAR Evaluation Institute is to increase the capacity of CYFAR Sustainable Communities Projects (SCP) to effectively evaluate their programs. Through this process, participants will increase their understanding of CYFAR evaluation, identifying new tools and resources available for grantees, and identify new ways in which to improve the evaluation of CYFAR programs.

Track 1 of the Evaluation Institute begins Monday September 17th, 2018

Track 2 of the Evaluation Institute begins Monday October 1st, 2018

Track 3 of the Evaluation Institute begins Monday October 15th, 2018

Monday September 17th and September 24th 10 AM (CST)- 11 AM (CST)
Track Title Track Content Intended Users
Track 1:  Why Program Evaluation? How to introduce/talk about  program evaluation with your CYFAR team
  • Introduction into Program Evaluation broadly and more specific CYFAR Program Evaluation/li>
  • Using the logic model to center program around goals/purpose and mission

PIs and Evaluators

New Grantee PIs and Evaluators

Monday October 1st and October 8th 10 AM (CST) – 11 AM (CST)
Track 2:  Common Measure Surveys: Creating, Implementing and Entering
  • Creating and Implementing Common Measure Surveys in CYFAR Program contexts
  • Entering and Importing High Quality Data into CYFAR PDTA system
Site Coordinators, Evaluators, Program Staff
Monday October 15th and October 22nd 10 AM (CST)- 11 AM (CST)
Track 3: Evaluation Findings: Creating and presenting your program story
  • Demonstrate how to present data to program staff in order to engage staff in dialogue around program improvement
  • How to align evaluation findings with stakeholder mission and needs.
Site Coordinators, PIs and Evaluators

Register by September 4th, 2018 to participate in the fall EI tracks

To register for the Evaluation Institute, please use this form.